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 Japanese language training for  companies​​

Lecturer dispatch


Are you facing such challenges?


Training specialized for companies

Practical role-playing and presentations will be conducted assuming situations that can actually occur in the business field.

Examples of training content

  • ​Greetings at business sites

  • Progress report

  • Delayed reporting

  • Request for design check, etc.

Training instructor


Ayana Mano

Joined Hitachi Solutions Co., Ltd. as a new graduate and was in charge of the requirements definition process for the customer management system. After that, after studying in China and Taiwan and working for a Taiwanese company, became a Japanese teacher. Responsible for Japanese language training at a Taiwanese company. Currently, based on practical experience in the IT industry, teaches business Japanese and business etiquette to N4-N3 level engineers. "Japanese language ability is of course very important for foreigners to work in Japan. However, in order to work smoothly with people in the workplace, you have  to understand not only the Japanese language, but also Japanese corporate culture and the way Japanese people work. At initi, we are working to develop foreign human resources with the aim of creating a society where foreigners and Japanese can understand each other and work together."


Ayaka Paiva

After graduating from university, joined a major human resources service company as a writer and was in charge of the IT industry. After that, I worked as a translator and reporter for a Brazilian newspaper, and at the same time taught Japanese to Nikkei who wanted to work in Japan and practiced interviews. , create teaching materials. Recently, I have also been involved in the training of technical intern trainees from Asian country. Using experience as a writer, I teaches accurate and easy-to-understand Japanese.


Juna  Okamoto

Worked as a call center SV at a Japanese company and provided guidance and education to staff. After working in Cebu, the Philippines, began to feel the attraction of work related to foreign countries. After that, reconsidered his life due to the corona disaster and decided to become a Japanese teacher. Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test by self-study and is currently working as a Japanese teacher. Lesson content varies from beginner to business Japanese. In particular, good at lessons in "Japanese keigo" that make use of call center work experience. The chat during the lesson is popular with students who say that it helps them learn about Japanese society and culture. The motto is [Enjoy studing! ]

About US


initi Co., Ltd. 


6F, Ichigohigashiikebukuro Building, 1-34-5 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013

President & representative director

Ayana Mano

Business description

Human resource development



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After hearing, we will propose the most suitable training plan.

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